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They can be yours and others. I help you to make it happen.
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Make an impact on the web by providing the best service in your area and niche. My services will just give tremendous help in that.

Website Development

Get your custom website from a reliable vendor. I deliver a website in a month with scalability in mind.

Website Maintainance

Just as you keep your house and vehicle in good condition to avoid more expensive renovation, so your website deserves the best from you.

White Label Development

Why turn down potential clients if you can get help. I am available for white label jobs from small to large. Privacy is my baseline.

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Quotes From Clients

These words of apprectiation rejoice my heart and can be proof to you.
S. Patel

The complete product far exceeded my expectations. Janos also went above and beyond what was required of the work. If you are looking for A-players in your business, then Janos is the man for the job.


Dear János,
I would like to say thank you in behalf of our town. You fixed our hacked website rapidly and effectively.

Payam Abed Salimi
BROrganization & Partners

I believe everybody else would have the same experience as I had and great work deserve to be advertised. Janos is prestigious and professional and he loves what he does, this is enough for any type of client he may have.

GFX Design

I was completly satisfied. János was working fast, accurately and creatively. An he even offered a friendly price!

What you win

Less Initial Expense

Starting with a simpler, but fully functioning and scalable website costs you less money at the start. In later phases you can expand the funcionality.


While building a fully-fledged website takes some months, a phase-build site is production ready much sooner. This is a huge benefit, if you want to have it online earlier.

Direct Contact

You will always speak directly to the developer, so the information would not disappear between the developer and the project manager.
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Who I've helped

I've worked with 20+ clients of different sizes, types and locations. Our common goal have always been to build a product serving the best interest of our businesses. Here are some of my higher-profile clients, but I value and seek small clients too.
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