Hi there, I’m János, who is behind TheWebPlans. I work as a freelancer in Hungary, Europe. If you are reading this, it seems you might want to work with me. Would be great!

Some years ago I worked at in ecommerce, selling household items. That time I used CMS at the first time. At first the business used OpenCart and then WordPress/Woocommerce. As someone who have worked both end – user and developer – I understand what makes the life of a website owner easier. When developing, I strive to use my experience to produce an easy-to-use solution.

Apart from my main profile, that is website development and maintenance, I also do branding.

Volunteering takes a big part of my life, and I love it very much. I am not so dedicated to hobbies, but I like playing the bass, to play football (aka soccer), hike and eat.

Thanks for reading this few lines,


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