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Categories With Subcategories

Display Categories With Subcategories and Their Data of a Taxonomy

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The Importance of Website Accessibility: Enhancing User Experience for All

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Meta Descriptions

The Magic of Meta Descriptions: Making Websites Super Popular!

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Meta Titles

The Importance of Meta Titles in SEO

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Disable Payment Methods

Disable Payment Methods for Specific Products

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Show and Hide With JS

Show/Hide Elements Based on URL Parameters Using Vanilla JavaScript

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Customize the “Proceed to Checkout”

How to Customize the “Proceed to Checkout” Button Text in WooCommerce

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Why Sell Online

Why To Have a Webshop

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Conditional Woo Shipping Methods

Enables or Disables Shipping Method Based on Products

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Why Use Cloudflare

Why Use Cloudflare: An In-Depth Look at its Benefits and Features

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GA Tag Manually

How to Get and Insert Google Analytics Tag Manually

Brief article and video for those who want to insert Google Tag snippet to their website without using a plugin.

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Basic Cloudflare WAF

Basic WAF Cloudflare Setup

How can you harden your website for free? Use this snippet and get rid of a lot of unwanted traffic.

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Bye-bye Archive Title

How to Remove Prefix From Archive Title in Wordpress

Extra short article with code snippet on how to remove “Archive” or “Category” prefixes from Wordpress archive titles.

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Language Dependent Displaying

Show Content Based on Page Language

There are many baked in conditions in Oxygen Builder, but page language are not among them. With this his code snippet you can exactly do just that.

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URL Parameters — Content

Show Content Based on URL Parameter

There are many baked in conditions in Oxygen Builder, but URL parameters are not among them. With this his code snippet you can exactly do just that.

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TranslatePress Basics

Translate Wordpress Website With TranslatePress

Recently I have found that TranslatePress is the best plugin for translating a Wordpress website. Check out my video on how to use it.

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Where is My Website?

Why is My Website Not Showing in Google Search?

A popular and important question. I show you two possible fixes.

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WP Backups Best Practices

The Best Way to Backup a Wordpress Website

Backing up a website is a must. I beleive, the best way to backup your Wordpress site is having backups on another server. Read more to see, why.

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Show/Hide Based on URL

How to Show Elements Based on URL parameters

Do you struggle to display elements based on URL parameters in Oxygen Builder? Here is a simple and working solution.

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Image Rotation in WP

How to Rotate an Image in Wordpress

Read this brief, image supported article, you have difficulty to find the default rotate function of Wordpress Media Library.

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No Padding SEO Shortcake

Remove Left Padding From SEOPress Shortcode

If you want to adjust the padding of SEOPress breadcrubs shortcode, read this brief description.

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Mi az a glassmorfizmus?

Ebben a cikkben bővebben olvashatsz 2021 egyik webdizájntrendjéről, a glassmorfizmusról.

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Betűk saját szerverről

Betűtípusok betöltése saját szerverről

Ezzel az egyszerű technikával jobb oldalsebességét érhetsz el.

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HBook Hungarian language

HBook Plugin Hungarian file

This is the Hungarian translation of the frontend srings the HBook plugin.

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