How to Rotate an Image in WordPress

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Images are core elements of a website, so we usually upload and embbed artworks in blogposts, pages, etc. But what should we do, if we upload a poorly oriented picture? In this post I show you a simple solution.

Rotate Image Well Oriented

This method is time consuming for lot of images, so I do not recommend using it, only if there are just a few poorly oriented images. Otherwise rotate them before uploading. On Windows you can get useful hints in the web article How to rotate an Image on a Windows 10 computer. If using Mac, Apple’s website gives you an idea how to do it.

Now let’s go back to the WordPress way. No extra plugin is needed, just follow the steps below.


Wordpress Media Library with a single image with poor orientation.

Select the image you would like to rotate.

Red border around the image waiting for rotation.

Click on the Edit image button below the image in the Attachment details window.

The Attchment details window with red border around the Edit image button.

Click on the relevant Rotate button as many times as needed.

Red border around the two Rotate button in the Attachment details window.

Hit the Save button.

Red border around the Save button in the Attachment details window.

Result After Rotation

After going through these steps, your image will be well-oriented, so you can use them on your pages and blogposts.

Red border around the well-oriented image in the Media Library.

Do you have any questions? If yes, do not hesitate to write a comment below.