Why is My Website Not Showing in Google Search?

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Last updated: June 06, 2022
Published: June 06, 2022
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A popular and important question. I show you two things now: 1) How to test whether some of the pages of your website have been already crawled, and 2) How to fix, if it has not been crawled at all.

Test Your Website Status

Type in to Google searchbar the following:


Note that there are no spaces, only this line. After hitting Enter you will see how many pages have already been indexed by Google. In my case it is about 87 result (see the image), and this is what I expected. Good job! 😀

If there is a few on your side, but not all, try Fix #1. If no results and you have a WordPress website, start with Fix #2. Nevertheless, I suggest to contact your web developer, who will take a thorough look on the matter.

Fix #1

If your content is new, you can speed up the indexing process, if you send Google the URL-s you want to see on the list. For this, follow these steps:

Open Google Search Console. This link takes you to the front page of the tool: https://search.google.com/search-console/about Hopefully you have access to your site. If not, turn to your web developer. He/she should have access.

After entering find Sitemaps on the left column.

After entering, find Sitemaps on the left column. If you use other language than English, look for the icon.

Enter the complete URL to the form and submit it to Google.

Now enter the complete URL to the form and submit it to Google. It will take a few days to crawl the page, so check the result later. If there were any issues with indexing the page, you would find the reason on the very same page.

Fix #2 (WordPress specific)

Now, this solution is WordPress only. Very simple and straightforward.

After logging in to WordPress admin, go to Settings on the left column. Find the Reading option. Then untick the box at Search engine visibility. That's it. Again, it will take a few days to crawl the website, so check the result later. If the indexing did not take place in a few days, aks professional help.

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